Together, a new start!

My name is Margaret Angela Franklin and I am running for the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors for the Woodbridge District. If elected, I will be the advocate that finally addresses local issues that have been ignored for much too long. With our county rapidly growing and changing, our current Board of Supervisors has proven time and time again that it is out of touch with the realities that you and I face each day.

That is why if elected to the Board of County Supervisors, I will make the issues impacting Woodbridge residents my top priority. This means focusing on four main areas: economic development and job creation; providing safe and affordable housing options to all residents; improving the efficiency of our local transportation system; and finally reducing overcrowding within our schools.

Through my experience in creating public policy, I understand how to solve issues facing residents including bringing resources to help create jobs in underserved or underdeveloped communities. Further, from my experience in working with underserved youth, I understand the challenges impacting our education system. Lastly as both a commuter and a board member for our local transportations system, I also understand the challenges riders and transit workers face when commuting. The Board of County Supervisors needs someone on the board who understand the day to day issues that our residents face.

These are key issues that Woodbridge residents struggle with every day that I look forward to tackling.